Virtual Care

Extend Your Reach Past the Walls of Your Clinic

Give your patients the support they need outside of the clinical setting. Virtual care solutions expand access to quality care and clear physician guidance. With digital content, instruction, and feedback portals, you close gaps in patient/provider communication and understanding.

Care Beyond the Consult

Though often simply synonymous with telemedicine consultations, virtual care encompasses much more. Orca’s Care Pathways complement all of your patient/provider interactions. Whether educating pre-treatment or following up after, the content you send can be reviewed and accessed at any time.

Increase Care Levels, not Workloads

Through intelligent automation and integration, elevate patient support without overburdening you or your practice.  Feedback gathered throughout the care journey allows for appropriate interventions that can prevent patient attrition, readmissions, or poor outcomes.

Improve Outcomes with Physical Therapy at Home

Send your patients home with pre-made home rehab and exercise programs. Patients complete gamified tasks to maintain streaks and reach their recovery goals. High-quality exercise videos are included to ensure proper form.