Patient Education

Deliver World-Class Patient Education

Enhance understanding and inspire confidence in care with Orca’s multi-sensory patient education content. Orca utilizes original, animated and interactive content to educate and engage patients in their care and recovery.

Better Understanding = Better Outcomes

How well a patient understands their condition and treatment plan directly impacts engagement, compliance, and, ultimately, outcomes. Overcome the challenges of limited consultation time, language barriers, and varying levels of health literacy with clear content your patients can access any time on any device.

Simplify Complex Medical Conditions and Treatments

Send world-class 3D animations of common diagnoses and treatments to improve comprehension faster and more effectively. Interactive 3D anatomical models bring patients context and clarity.

Featured areas include:

  • Spine
  • Shoulder
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Hand
  • Foot
  • Heart
  • ENT
  • Eye
  • Mouth

Memorable, Shareable, and Always Accessible

Did you know that 40-80% of information shared at the point-of-care is typically forgotten by the time your patients return home? Avoid the callbacks to your office, instructions not followed correctly, readmissions, and cascading problems by helping your patients take their visit home. Those callbacks will drop and retention and satisfaction will soar.

The future of patient education is augmented reality, mixed reality, multi-sensory, video, and virtual reality.