Outcomes Tracking

Collect, Track, and Analyze Patient Data with Automated Surveys.

Integrated PROMs and patient surveys enable you to measure and assess patient satisfaction, monitor progress, and validate treatment success. With industry-leading response rates, the success and value of care interventions become demonstrably clear.  

Data Collection Made Easy

Automating patient feedback makes data collection significantly more effective and efficient. Ease of use, automated reminders, and the ability to access surveys on any personal device leads to unparalleled patient engagement and responsiveness.

Track Progress and Health in Real-Time

With several patient touch points along the continuum of care, surveys quantify the quality of your patients' health and care into trackable scores that can be analyzed over time. Real-time outcome measurements enable you to monitor patient progress, receive notifications for those who report worsening symptoms, and gain insight into treatment efficacy.

Analyze to Find the Insights that Matter

Your patient feedback will be aggregated and displayed in a provider's dashboard that allows you to analyze data on an individual and collective level. These insights help to inform care decisions, identify predictors of poor outcomes, refine best practices, and demonstrate care value.

Available Surveys

  • Custom Cadence Surveys (CCS)
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Patient Effort Score (PES)
  • Patient Intake Survey (PINS)
  • Patient Impact Score (PIMS)
  • Patient Reported Outcomes Measurements (PROMs)
  • Patient Satisfaction (PSAT)
  • Patient Understanding Score (PUNS)

Whether integrated within a Care Pathway or sent separately to your patients, all collected data is HIPPA-compliant and secure.