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Orca Health Stats in Patient Understanding and Impact

June 3, 2021

Orca Health started aggregating patient understanding and impact analytics as part of each Care Plan sent to every patient. This is meant to help providers quickly review understanding at the patient population level and on a per-patient basis.

After a patient reviews their Care Plan, they are prompted to respond to two Likert scale questions that assess their understanding of their diagnosis and treatment and the impact that the Orca Health platform had on their satisfaction with their care.

Preliminary results from the first cohort of over 200 patients have proven the effectiveness of Orca’s patient education and engagement platform. Fully 98% of patients reported a Good or better understanding of their diagnosis and treatment, with 81% reporting their understanding as Excellent or Exceptional.

The impact of Orca’s platform on patient satisfaction has been similarly impressive. Approximately 93% of patients responded that Orca positively impacted their satisfaction with their care, with 73% of those rating Orca’s impact as Very Positive — the highest possible rating.

“Study after study shows that half of patients do not understand what their provider tells them and most of those who do understand forget by the time they get home,” said Jake Lybbert, Orca Health VP of Provider Success.

“The results of these two simple questions show that Orca is improving patient understanding and retention of key medical information and further,” he explained, “that this has a significant impact on their satisfaction.”

Orca Health gathers and reports this data to providers in real-time. This enables them to get an overall picture of the effectiveness of their patient education and engagement and more importantly, allows them to correct misapprehensions for the ~2% of patients who report suboptimal understanding.

“Well informed patients are better patients,” Lybbert concluded, “because they make smarter decisions and better adhere to their treatment plan.”

This real-time assessment solidifies Orca Health as the market leader in patient education, engagement, and experience, and ensures they and providers who use their platform will have their fingers on the pulse of the engagement analytics that matter most.

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