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Orca Health Releases White Paper on ‘Reimagining Patient Engagement Through Use of a Branded Patient Experience’

June 3, 2021

Orca Health Inc. has announced the release of a new White Paper: Reimagining Patient Engagement through a BPE — Branded Patient Experience. This White Paper explores Orca Health’s innovative Patient Experience Platform, which helps healthcare professionals deliver best in class patient education, engagement, and experience.

It first treats the problem of increasing regulations, reimbursement reduction, and Alternative Payment Models. It explores the rise of healthcare consumerization and various methods health systems have deployed in an effort to gain a competitive advantage.

Additionally, Orca Health identified three aspects of healthcare that need to be addressed, enhanced, and improved in order for providers to ensure reimbursement integrity, while preparing for consumer-orientated services. Listed below are the 3 highlighted areas in need of improvement:

  1. Clinical outcomes.
  2. Operational efficiency of patient-centric workflows.
  3. Financial performance via better patient satisfaction and the corresponding increase in patients’ willingness to pay.

The authors of the White Paper offer several possible solutions to address the problems arising from these challenges:

  1. Create a more engaging patient experience.
  2. Reduce clinical practice and outcome variation.
  3. Improve quality across the care continuum.

Orca Health presents the Orca Health Patient Experience Platform as the means to achieve each of these three goals and much more. Using multi-sensory 3D content, the platform creates an enhanced patient experience at the point-of-care and beyond. It also standardizes education and increases adherence to Care Plan instructions, thereby decreasing outcome variation. Lastly, it improves quality by enhancing patient satisfaction through a superior patient experience. This satisfaction is tracked on a per-patient and patient population basis and in real-time, delivering actionable information and enabling providers and administrators to keep a finger on the pulse of their patients, practices, hospitals, and health systems.

In a pivotal section of the White Paper, the authors of the White Paper discuss the importance of the doctor-patient interaction during their consult. One of the most difficult aspects of healthcare delivery is patient understanding, engagement, and compliance with and understanding of provider instructions. This difficulty is compounded by the time pressures faced by busy providers. A hurried doctor often may seem abrupt and uncaring to patients. The Orca Patient Experience Platform allows a shortened consult that is, somewhat counterintuitively, more productive, and which the White Paper authors found results in an average patient satisfaction improvement of ~25%.

Notwithstanding the increase in patient satisfaction that is gained from use of the Orca Platform, it can also be operationally and financially beneficial for the provider. Investigations done at a university hospital regarding such operational aspects of the solution yielded the following improvements and reductions to educational time requirements and new patient access:

  • 30% increase in efficiency gained at the point-of-care (average consult time reduced from 12–14 minutes to 6–8).
  • 20% increase in new patient schedule allowance due to patient flow improvement.
  • 2-day reduction in time to surgery.
  • 25% greater selection of the surgical pathway during the initial clinical interaction, when the Orca Platform is used during the patient consultation.

“Orca Health’s Branded Patient Experience Platform is uniquely suited to helping providers who wish to be competitive in an era of increasing healthcare consumerization, while also meeting the demands placed on them by Alternate Payment Models,” observed Steve Papas, Orca Health COO. “Few things can have a greater impact on outcomes and the patient experience than multi-sensory patient education and engagement.”

As the paper concludes, the net effect of healthcare reform on the provider marketplace is turning out to be hyper-competitive. Providers must compete for prime contracts, payer relationships, physician relationships, supplier resources, and most importantly patient preference. Similarly, suppliers are in a new era of competition; new devices and novel procedures are not the most powerful positive differentiators anymore.

Overall, readers of this Orca Health’s latest White Paper will be introduced to a unique and patented solution that empowers providers to engage their patients in a way not before possible, while meeting the challenges of a tumultuous healthcare landscape.

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