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Orca Health Releases Update to their Branded Patient Experience Platform

June 3, 2021

Orca Health, Inc. today announced the release of the latest update to their point-of-care app, ‘Orca Care.’ The Orca Care app is one component of Orca Health’s Branded Patient Experience Platform.

Since the release of their patient education apps in 2011, Orca Health worked towards a comprehensive solution addressing the complete continuum of care.

To that end, Orca developed a Patient Experience Platform that enhances patient engagement, education, satisfaction, and adherence to improve medical outcomes. Orca’s cloud-based content management system uses machine learning to deliver content and gather analytics in real-time. This platform delivers shared decision-making tools to help create a seamless connection between physicians and their patients. It includes native and mobile web apps for both patients and providers, as well as a powerful and actionable analytics dashboard for healthcare administrators or others interested in population health management and patient care via remote monitoring.

The Orca Health Branded Patient Experience starts with the recently updated iPad-based provider application, Orca Care. This best-in-class provider solution is optimized to significantly streamline a provider’s workflow at the point-of-care. Orca Care utilizes interactive 3D medical content to educate patients about anatomical data and deliver user-specific information on their diagnosis and treatment options. The app also presents other pertinent health information to capture attention, educate, and directly engage with patients

After presenting and reviewing the treatment plan at the point-of-care, providers send a HIPAA-secure digital Orca Care Plan to the patient for review at home via native and mobile web apps. The Orca platform generates a quizzing user interface that elicits user response and engagement related to the patient-specific content found in their Care Plan. These responses include patient impressions of Care Plan content, their medical condition, or their provider. This experience empowers patients to become active participants in their treatment plan.

The platform aggregates patient analytics in a cloud-based dashboard from various cohorts of patients based on provider, practice, hospital, or health system. This allows the provider to analyze and assess patient engagement, impact, understanding, and progress in real-time. It also enables the effective improvement of patient care, by comparing various providers, hospitals, treatments, and outcomes.

Early Adopters of the latest version of Orca Care have seen significant benefits to their patients and practice:

  • 12x increase in comprehension and retention
  • 23–41% improvement in efficiency at the point-of-care
  • 27% increase in Patient Satisfaction
  • 72% of patients engage with their Interactive Care Plans
  • 44% capture rate with Satisfaction and Outcomes surveys

With the implementation of Quality Payment Programs like Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs) and the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), the Orca Branded Patient Experience Platform has become a prerequisite for providers who strive to deliver the best possible care. It also answers the demands of a new generation of patients for whom healthcare has become a consumer choice.

“Overall, we’ve learned that better patient education leads to better shared-decision making, better shared-decision making leads to better patient engagement, and better patient engagement leads to better outcomes,” said Matt Berry, Founder and CEO of Orca Health.

“Better outcomes benefit both patients and providers,” Berry continued. “It means patients return to full health more quickly and providers are properly reimbursed for their excellent care.”

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