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Orca Health Launches Waiting Room, a Digital Content Platform for Patients and Physicians

June 3, 2021

Orca Health, a technology company that creates software solutions that empower healthcare providers to improve quality of care, announced today the launch of Waiting Room, a digital content platform designed to streamline and improve the patient experience from diagnosis to treatment to post-surgical care. 

Patients are presented with Waiting Room on a tablet when they arrive at their appointments. The app’s capabilities help patients and providers by: 

  • Streamlining the registration and intake process
  • Educating patients with personalized 3D, multi-sensory content
  • Setting baselines for outcome measurements (PROMs)
  • Improving provider consultation efficiency
  • Facilitating patient comprehension and provider satisfaction surveys 

Waiting Room transfers the diagnosis, treatment plan, and postoperative instructions to the patient's smart device or home computer to be accessed at any time. Providers are able to guide and instruct patients through the continuum of care in a simple and comprehensible way, increasing treatment-plan compliance and decreasing patient anxiety. 

“Ninety-six percent of complaints and negative online reviews are related to a provider's customer service,” said Matt Berry, Founder and CEO of Orca Health. “Waiting Room addresses these problems by giving providers on the front lines of healthcare an engaging, efficient, and easy-to-use tool for connecting and interacting with their patients starting the moment they step into the clinic. Now, the patients maximize their time in the waiting room and leave the doctor’s office with all information available to them.” 

For healthcare providers, Waiting Room helps increase administrative efficiency, reduce the number of patient callbacks, and enhance their online presence. 

“Since integrating Orca Health products, I’ve seen a vast improvement in my practice,” said Robert Meislin, MD, orthopedic surgeon at NYU Langone. “There is greater patient comprehension of their condition and their expected outcome, which leads to better results, compliance, and satisfaction. The waiting room is where patient understanding and wellbeing begin and Orca Health’s Waiting Room has improved both.” 

Waiting Room is powered through integration with Orca’s patient-experience software solutions. Guided by some of the nation’s top physicians, Waiting Room was produced in-house by the same team of developers behind the award-winning Orca Health apps and features Orca’s graphics for patient comprehension. 

Orca Health’s customers for Waiting Room include Orthopaedic Associates of Wisconsin; Coastal Orthopedics; Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS); NYU Langone; Revere Health; Sierra Pacific Orthopedics; Swedish Neuroscience; and Rosenberg Cooley Metcalf Orthopedic Clinic.

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