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Orca Health Launches New ‘Care Plan Coordinator’ Service To Improve Patient Activation And Outcomes

June 3, 2021

Orca Health is proud to announce the launch of a pilot of its ‘Care Plan Coordinator’ service with healthcare providers at The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital in Murray, Utah.

This revolutionary service will employ forward-looking nurses to leverage Orca technology to act as a bridge between the physician and patient, ensuring complete communication and a positive experience for both parties. The added personal communication alleviates much of the stress providers experience related to patient satisfaction, follow-up, and outcome verification. It will also help the patient feel at ease, knowing that a medical professional is personally checking up on them and is available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise at any stage of the care continuum.

Hospital readmission is an enormous problem in the United States. According to one recent report, the costs associated with hospital readmission for Medicare patients total more than $26 billion per year. A traumatizing experience for the patient, it can also result in financial penalties for responsible entities.

The Care Plan Coordinator service enables providers and their support staff to monitor discharged patients, in an effort to decrease hospital readmission and improve patient surgical outcomes.

Contact with a Care Plan Coordinator will also personalize each patient’s care, which increases their satisfaction with their care.

Nurses serving as Care Plan Coordinators use the Orca Platform to review patient Care Plan engagement. The platform will display relevant health information about each patient, including diagnosis, treatment, and responses to outcome and satisfaction surveys. They’ll also be able to assess each patient’s understanding of their diagnosis and treatment.

The Care Plan Coordinator will then apply a dialogue approach to the patient Care Plan review, wherein they will ask questions to help guide the patient’s understanding. Studies have shown the better a patient understands and engages with information about their diagnosis and treatment, the more likely they are to adhere to their post-operative instructions and secure a successful recovery.

“Orca’s Care Plan Coordinator service is good for patients who feel disconnected from their care and good for doctors who have ever-increasing demands on their time,” said Will Gochnour, Director of Provider Development at Orca Health. “What’s more,” Gochnour continued, “nurses have long been frustrated with the tools and technology available to them to assist them in helping their patients. Too often these tools take away from their patient care. Our Care Plan Coordinator service, in concert with the Orca Health Patient Experience Platform, will change that.”

Concurrent with improved surgical outcomes, the Care Plan Coordinator service meets the challenges faced by providers in the transition from fee-for-service to fee-for-value. In partnership with the Orca Health Patient Experience Platform, Orca’s new Care Plan Coordinator service will have a strong positive impact on patient outcomes to ensure complete reimbursement.

The all-new Care Plan Coordinator service will be available to Orca Health enterprise customers.

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