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Orca Health Issued Patent for Personalizing Medical Conditions with Augmented Reality

June 3, 2021

Orca Health, Inc. has recently been issued another patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for Personalizing Medical Conditions with Augmented Reality (U.S. Patent №9,256,962). This technology will enhance patients’ understanding of their medical conditions in a convenient and powerful way.

Augmented reality has gained an immense amount of attention in recent years for its ability to alter the way we see and interact with the world around us. Technology and hardware have advanced to the point where augmented reality experiences are easily accessible through mobile, handheld devices.

With Orca Health’s technologies, healthcare providers are able to demonstrate and patients are able to visually experience the personal impact of select medical conditions, with dynamic simulations that include images of the patients’ bodies. Using the camera of a mobile device, the relevant anatomy is identified using machine learning, image recognition algorithms, and user input. Thereafter, the image is dynamically modified in a visual simulation that renders the body parts as if they were impacted by the selected medical condition. The modifications are made by blending image data of the captured image with condition data available to the processing system.

“The patient experience — which comprises much more than just patient education and engagement — is one of the most important elements of any medical intervention,” said Dan Lyman, Orca Health VP of 3D Engineering. “Our AR puts us in a position to show patients what they would never be able to truly understand using a paper pamphlet or even a video.”

“The strength of this technology lies in the personalized nature of our content and its distribution,” Lyman continued. “Once that relationship is established between the provider, patient and Orca technology, satisfaction and outcomes soon follow and are improved.”

This technology will not be limited to anatomical regions that are visible only to the naked eye. It will also be able to simulate complex aspects of the human anatomy inside the body, such as organs, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones. Orca Health’s augmented reality will be able to display a wide variety of medical conditions including heart failure, tendon tears, gingivitis, eye infections, and more.

“Our new patented technology proves that augmented and virtual reality can have an awesome impact that goes far beyond the superficial usage with gaming and movies,” insisted Matt Berry, Orca Health Founder and CEO. “Orca’s patented AR/VR feature will have a profound impact on each and every patient educated by an Orca provider.”

Orca Health has also, previously, been issued a patent for related augmented reality technology in one of their apps, Eye Decide. Using the camera on an iPhone or iPad, the app simulates common eye conditions, as if the user were seeing the world with the selected condition while looking at the screen of their device. This technology has proved to be particularly beneficial for ophthalmologists and optometrists in the way they are able to engage with their patients.

Orca Health’s augmented reality technologies have the potential to change the way people are educated about medical conditions by making their health awareness eminently personal and engaging. This most recent patent grant on Orca Health’s augmented reality helps to bolster Orca Health’s strong intellectual property position. Orca Health, Inc. now has multiple issued U.S. patents, as well as many more pending patent applications.

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