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Orca Health Introduces New Orca Elevate© to Enhance Providers’ Online Presence

June 3, 2021

Orca Elevate© is the latest innovative patient experience solution from Orca Health.

Today Orca Health announces the launch of their latest integrated solution, Orca Elevate©. Orca Elevate© combines two new services, Reputation Enhancement and Provider Profiles, to help providers deliver the best possible patient experience.

This new automated solution invites patients using Orca’s Branded Patient Experience Platform to leave feedback about their experience along their continuum of care. The seamless integration of Reputation Enhancement into the patient experience of an Orca Care Plan© dramatically improves both the content and frequency of online provider reviews. This feature helps shift the impetus for reviews from a typically negative experience, to one driven by an engaged, satisfied patient, with better understanding and outcomes.

The new Provider Profile solution will aid providers in enhancing their online presence. Providers receive a public-facing Orca profile page they can use as their personal homepage. Along with patient reviews, these profiles display providers’ Orca Patient Understanding and Patient Satisfaction scores. It also includes best-in-class 3D animations of each provider’s most commonly performed treatments, courtesy of Orca Health’s proprietary cloud-based content library.

In addition to Orca Provider Profiles, patient reviews can automatically be pushed to rating sites such as Vitals, HealthGrades, or RateMD.

“Most of the reputation management industry seems focused on aggregating reviews or suppressing negative reviews,” said Matt Berry, Orca Health Founder and CEO. “Our experience has been that better education leads to better engagement and outcomes,” he continued, “which in turn results in a superior patient experience that they are more inclined to share.”

“Ultimately, delivering the best patient experience is the key to driving patient satisfaction, patient retention, and what we call ‘Reputation Enhancement,’” concluded Berry.

In today’s digital world, a business’s online presence is critically important to its growth and continued success. Healthcare is no different. Providers who neglect their online presence will see a pronounced decline in new patient acquisition and retention of existing patients.

With this new solution, Orca Elevate© bolsters providers in their efforts to deliver better outcomes and experiences for their patients. The high quality of care they provide can, at last, be accurately reflected in their enhanced online presence. In this way, Orca Health enables providers to attract and retain more patients.

About Orca Health, Inc.

Orca Health provides a cloud-based patient engagement platform that advances shared decision making, improves patient satisfaction, and surgical outcomes. Orca uses multi-sensory learning tools to better educate the patient at the point-of-care and along the continuum of care. Follow us on Twitter (@OrcaHealth) or visit us at OrcaHealth.com.

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