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Augmented Reality Anatomy Now Available Within Orca Health

June 3, 2021

Orca Health has launched their newest app, adding to the already robust family of healthcare applications. The app is a monumental improvement on their current Decide applications and now includes augmented reality capabilities.

The Orca Health app includes enhancements and additions to Orca’s 3D animations and models for many areas of medicine including orthopedics, cardiology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, and dental.

The app features diagnoses and treatments of these areas, as well as dynamic exercises and stretches that can be used for pre- or post-op physical therapy.

Augmented Reality displaying 3D anatomical models is now available with iOS 11, offering a fantastically immersive and fluid experience that goes far beyond the screen.

Using an iPhone or iPad, users now have the ability to view the anatomy of the body in real space. Users can walk around the body and view the anatomy from different angles as if it were right in front of them.

This feature will help patients and students better understand the orientation of anatomical features, including their size in relation to an actual human body.

By taking advantage of the latest in AR technology, the possibilities are endless. And because of Orca Health’s track record in producing world-class 3D medical animations, the company has a unique opportunity to be able to bring those high-quality animations to AR.

“Orca’s AR Anatomy is an awesome educational tool. It allows us to better understand the scale and components of our anatomy by placing it right in front of you at a life-like scale,” says Dan Lyman, Vice President of 3D Engineering at Orca Health. “This tool has the potential to change the future of healthcare.”

Orca Health is at the forefront of the AR industry and is changing what it means to teach patients about their conditions, treatment, and recovery options. This helps them make better healthcare decisions, leading to better overall health outcomes.

“I regard [augmented reality] as a big idea like the smartphone,” says Apple CEO Tim Cook. “The smartphone is for everyone, we don’t have to think the iPhone is about a certain demographic, or country or vertical market: it’s for everyone. I think AR is that big, it’s huge. I get excited because of the things that could be done that could improve a lot of lives.”

Available at an affordable monthly or yearly subscription, the Orca Health app will change the lives of healthcare providers, medical students, and patients alike by providing them with world-class technology and education not available on any other platform.

About Orca Health, Inc.

Orca Health provides a cloud-based patient engagement and education platform that advances shared decision making, improves patient satisfaction, and surgical outcomes. Orca also uses automated tools to improve healthcare providers’ online reputation. Follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram or visit us at OrcaHealth.com.

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