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An Introduction to Orca Biotech

June 3, 2021

About us 

Orca Biotech, an Orca Health company, specializes in providing products to advance regenerative medicine and clinical care. 

We offer a unique combination of biologic products supported by Orca Health’s award-winning software. Complementing evidence-based treatments with automated outcomes tracking, patient education content, engagement tools, and healthcare analytic dashboards enables comprehensive improvements in patient satisfaction and outcomes. 

Orca Biotech’s genesis resulted from the collaboration of orthopedic surgeons, software engineers, and medical distributors. This combination of medical and technological experts provides the perspective to create innovative solutions to the challenges faced on all sides of healthcare delivery. 

Our goal as a company is to provide the highest quality in both products and software. As we embrace the promise of regenerative medicine therapies to assist in the body's natural healing functions, Orca Biotech is deeply committed to ensuring safety, quality, and scientific soundness in all that we distribute and promote.  


Orca Biotech provides a robust menu of biologic products while maintaining an uncompromising quality and safety standard.

Orca and its suppliers comply with US FDA regulations for Human Cells, Tissues, and Cellular and Tissue-Based Products (HCT/P) identified in 21 CFR Part 1271 and Section 361 of the Public Health Service Act. Furthermore, all product manufacturers are registered with the FDA and comply with Good Tissue Practice and Good Manufacturing Practice. 

The cellular and tissue-based products provided are meticulously recovered, minimally processed, and delivered preserving optimum concentration, viability, and efficacy. All products go through comprehensive clinical and laboratory testing to ensure they are safe and effective for patient use.


As providers and patients look to emerging treatments and therapies, not only is it critical to have confidence in safety and quality, but also to have transparency in communication, education, and outcomes. 

Combining biologics with Orca's software solutions enables providers to exceed patient expectations while improving clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.

Orca's primary software tool is a Care Pathway, which can be sent to patients either before or after the initial consultation and has three main components:

1. Patient Education: The Care Pathways include visually engaging imagery and animations detailing a patient’s condition and the treatment they are considering. Physicians utilizing this tool see a significant increase in conversions as well as improved patient understanding and satisfaction. The education materials are accessible to patients at any time, through any online device. 

2. Outcomes Measurements: After treatment, the platform automatically sends surveys to enable the collection of Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurements (PROMs). Orca's HIPAA compliant surveys have an industry-leading, 51% completion rate as they are built natively into the Care Pathway. Viewing outcomes data in real-time, across individual patients and patient registries, helps providers evaluate and prove treatment efficacy. The automated platform increases response rates without disrupting clinical flow or adding administrative tasks. 

3. Online Reputation Enhancement: Care Pathways also invite engaged patients to leave a rating and review of their experience. These surveys generate great content, increase review frequency, and boost a provider's online presence. The reviews are posted to both our native profiles and external sites like Health Grades. Orca has doctors who have each generated over 1250 reviews after implementing Care Pathways into their practices.

This exclusive offering is designed to educate patients, improve outcomes, and help bring ethical, evidence-based regenerative medicine into your practice. 

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