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3 Ways Healthcare Providers Can Improve Their Practice Workflow and Increase Revenue

June 3, 2021

Many healthcare providers and practices understand that patient satisfaction is the pathway that leads to better compliance. Since the management of chronic disease and injuries often requires behavioral and lifestyle changes, a doctor's ability to motivate change is critical.

Studies have found that patient satisfaction with a healthcare provider is a pivotal attribute of effective care delivery, and is essential for managing the health of a population in any disease or injury state.

In order to maintain patient satisfaction with their care experience, providers need to be constantly monitoring their practice on an individualized basis.

But how does a provider accomplish this while still providing an efficient workflow?

  1. Implement an easy-to-use patient management software that allows automated two-way communication between provider and patient.
  2. Provide digital models and handouts that patients can access at home to review with family at their convenience.
  3. Implement a survey system that allows for patients to easily provide feedback to providers and allows for follow-up to take place if there is any misunderstanding.

Providers who have implemented these systems into their practice have seen astonishing results:

  • 30% reduction in individualized surgery consultation time; reduced from an average of 12 minutes to an average of 8 minutes.
  • 20% improvement in new patient growth and acquisition due to patient flow development, increasing overall practice revenue.
  • 2-day reduction in decision making, reducing the wait time between consultation and surgery.
  • 25% increase in patient understanding during the first clinical interaction when an educational system is used, smoothing the pathway to surgery and improving overall intended outcomes.

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