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Orca seamlessly connects providers and patients through smart apps and world-class automated technology.

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Dr. David Eichten
Joint Implant Surgeons of Florida
"We are a very busy orthopedic practice, but we still strive to make each patient feel special and informed. Orca has helped us to individualize each patient’s experience, while still being efficient enough not to slow down the pace of our clinic. Patients can continue to learn about their upcoming treatments and surgeries from home, which greatly increases patient satisfaction."
Dr. Sean Haslam
Texas Orthopedic Partners
"The engagement metrics in the Orca Platform helped my team identify a patient who reported a ‘Poor’ understanding of her diagnosis and treatment. We were able to follow up with this patient, resolve her concerns and schedule her for surgery. Before Orca, this patient probably would have been lost to a second opinion."
Dr. Nelson Saldua
The Vancouver Clinic
"In just a few weeks of using the Orca solution, I have seen significant results. I received multiple 5-star reviews and an increased star rating on my HealthGrades page. This is a game changer for me and my practice, as most patients these days are looking at online reviews when selecting a doctor."
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Enhance Your Online Reputation

Reputation Enhancement

Here's how it works:


Provider Profile Webpage

Here's how it works:


Automated, Responsive, Beautiful

Your Provider Profile is an automatically generated webpage that includes Orca Health's world-class 3D content, practice information and location, patient reviews, as well as your Orca Patient Understanding and Satisfaction scores.

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Empower Your Patients Anywhere, Anytime


24/7 Patient Engagement

Send your patients home with the most innovative experience in patient education and engagement. Interactive Care Plans, Home Exercise Programs (with compliance tracking and gamification), digital Handouts and pre- & post-op instructions and more combine to deliver your patient an unforgettable care experience.

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The Point of Care, Reimagined


Seamless Workflow

We do the heavy lifting by automatically creating your most used care plans. This allows efficiency at the point-of-care and an engaging experience for the patient in just a few taps.


World Class Content

A diverse collection of 3D models, imagery and videos; hundreds of prehab and rehab stretches and exercises; robust, research-backed risks and benefits. Orca Care is the only education tool you need.


Powerful Analytics

Get powerful insights into your patient population. We gather analytics at every point in the patient engagement process and measure satisfaction with care, compliancy rates, patient reported outcomes, care plan understanding, and much more.


Cross Platform For Your Team

Sync information across all team members. Allow your team to send Care Plans, surveys, and Reputation Enhancement, all from the web on the same account. Dig into analytics, survey responses, as well as manage practice-specific content to create a personalized patient experience.

Currently Supported Anatomical Regions

Shoulder Shoulder
Hip Hip
Knee Knee
Spine Spine
Hand Hand
Foot Foot
Dental Dental
Eye Eye
Heart Heart
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Don't just aggregate more reviews, enhance them.

Don't simply gather more ratings and reviews, improve them. Delight and satisfy your patients with a superior care experience. Automated integration with Orca Elevate means you'll be able to translate that patient experience into more positive ratings and reviews.

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Checkup On Your Patients at Home

Demopage surveys

An Intuitive Checkup Experience

Orca automates your PROMs process to help you get higher capture rates than ever before. The Orca Checkup experience is intuitive and easy for your patients, regardless of demographic.

Currently Available PROMs Include:

Knee Knee
  • KOOS
  • Oxford Knee Score
Spine Spine
  • Neck Disability Inded
  • Modified ODI
Shoulder Shoulder
  • Quick-DASH
  • Oxford Shoulder Score
Hand Hand
  • DASH
  • Michigan Hand Outcome Score
Foot Foot
  • FAOS
  • MOxFQ
Hip Hip
  • Modified HOOS
  • Oxford Hip Score

And many more View All Available PROMs

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